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How I Transformed My Business: Bill Smith’s Success Story

Bill used Ezymigrate to revolutionise his immigration business; saving both himself and staff countless hours of time.


Accelerated Business Growth

Business owner Bill was in a tough spot when he turned to Ezymigrate. Client numbers were dwindling and administrative mistakes were putting them at risk of losing long term customers. He and his staff were completely overworking themselves, wasting hours weekly with paperwork and repetitive administrative tasks.


Bill knew there had to be an easier way. He needed to find a CRM solution that could answer all his problems and reduce staff workload, while keeping clients happy and minimizing human error.


This is what led Bill to Ezymigrate – his hunt for the perfect CRM solution that could deliver all his needs. Ezymigrate is customisable and can be adjusted to fit your business needs just as you want them.


“We’ve been using Ezymigrate to help accelerate our business growth and to be honest, without it, we probably wouldn’t have been able to do what we have.”

Bill Smith

Through Ezymigrate, Bill was able to:


Streamline the process of bringing new clients on board

Acquiring and uploading new client data is digital and automatic with Ezymigrate, saving Bill and his team hours of going through paperwork, and emailing clients back and forth for info.


Streamline the process of managing their case from the beginning to end

Client info is stored on our cloud storage system, so it can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, and is kept securely and safely. No more missing paperwork.


Clients can also be contacted through the system to fill in forms, verify info with digital signatures, and complete applications with a click of a button.


Manage finances, invoicing, payments owed and disbursements

Income going out and coming in is important – it’s what keeps the business running and keeps your staff paid and employed. Bill was struggling to keep on top, and unpaid invoices, payments owed and disbursements were getting missed by his accounts team.


Ezymigrate digitised his accounts process, and now Bill and his team use digital invoicing – saving them hours of work weekly. Reminders about payments are automatic, taking the stress away from having to remember everything!


“There’s 3 or 4 ways Ezymigrate helps us… one is with finances, and that’s quite important to me. I’m interested in the numbers of the practice, so we can see where we’re at with invoicing or money owed or disbursements we’ve got to pay. We can see those really clearly at any time.”

Bill Smith


Access client files across the team

One of the best things Bill found about the cloud storage feature is that client files can be accessed easily across the entire team. Any staff member who needs to access a file can view it with one click – hassle free.


Easily access previous cases with search bar


Rather than starting a new case from scratch, Bill and his team can search for previous cases that are similar and use these previous submissions in the new case. This reduces extra, unnecessary work for each new case and reduces mental effort.


Automate tasks between staff members without work disruption


One of Bill’s favourite features was that you can easily allocate tasks across the team. Staff members get a notification when they have been added to a task, which they can read and clear when they are able to. This saves disturbing staff members from work when they are busy and avoids any disruption.



Find Out How Ezymigrate Could Transform Your Business


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If we need a new case, I don’t have to start from scratch constructing the case. For instance I can do a search and call up all the cases that we’ve done in the past that have included a submission. So I don’t have to start thinking from scratch.

Bill Smith

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